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The Writers Guild has been outside the Tribune gates since 7am picketing Temptation, a non-union game show. I know a lot of the writers in the rally, including some great friends from Mind Of Mencia. The Mencia writers staged a walkout earlier this year and successfully negotiated a contract with Comedy Central. I am curious to see how and if this plays out, especially since Temptation wraps in a week after shooting 170 shows in 30 days.

Got a last minute call yesterday afternoon to art direct a birthing room for a sketch comedy show on Fox. We set this up in a conference room in the show's office in a couple hours. They shot it this morning, it was struck and returned, in less than a day. I'll post when and where it is going to air.

I have been developing a reality show about a rock legend. Keeping up with him and being in his life is a daily test of my endurance and safety. However, even legends get hungry! More on this show as it continues to unfold.

I am Art Directing a show on the Tribune lot in Hollywood. This is a picture of where Merv Griffin used to park-the best one, closest to the door. Merv has been gone for a few weeks now but the space remains. Hollywood lots are unforgiving and usually these concrete blocks are painted over seconds after someone leaves or gets fired...but Merv's remains. I wonder how many executives are secretly campaigning for this spot and how long before someone with a roller and some white paint is stenciling R. Seacrest over Merv's name?

It's coming. A blog. A real live blog. A nicer design? That's coming too. Why now? Well, I used to have a blog. Way before anyone did the blog thing Jonas set me up with an amazing website that I was able to blog to every day. Then it crashed and I lost everything. Over the years every fucking yahoo with a slight opinion started a blog. I took a backseat to that. It's been over 6 years and I am coming back. Me starting a new blog now is like someone sending you an invitation to be their Friendster friend (or even myspace). I know it's over, and so 2006, but I have a lot to talk about and talking to the wall is sad. I think I am going to tell my Phil Spector stories tomorrow, and work on the design. Or not, maybe just leave it like this,