I hate things, I really do. Here is one. When I lived in New York City I didn’t pay much attention to cars. Didn’t own one, didn’t care. Now, after 5 years in Los Angeles, I know that there are things I really hate about cars. I really don’t mind drivers, I drive a lot, love my car, and actually find most drivers in LA to be courteous, even when they are making illegal u-turns in 6 lanes of traffic. What really bugs me about cars, and it’s not even the fault of the car, is the sticker of the each member of the family in the rear window. I have seen two mommies and a child, two dads and a kid and of course, it being So Cal many Mexican families with Papa and Mama and 9 kids. These stickers are even more annoying than the Calvin and Hobbes kid taking a piss. Why do I need to look at this? Why do we care about YOUR family with their odd names? What good does it do for me to know that you have too many kids and need to justify why you drive a massive SUV? Does anyone know where these things come from? The mall? A street fair? The Planned Parenthood office? Unless I move back to NY I am going to have to deal…or just go to Home Depot and buy a $3.99 window scraper! Until then…I hate them, I really do. Photo 021807 001 Things I hate (1 in a series)

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  1. Jamie says:

    Oh MY goodness! At least this one doesn’t have all their names…and the cat “Muffin” and the dog “Pepper”. I have NEVER seen these things in any store! Do you get them custom made? Do you stand there and say “Ok, got Mommy, Daddy, a little sister and brother…Ok I need a wheelchair one…”

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