The Writers Guild strike is a week old and it sucks already. Two of the projects I was to start in the past few weeks were postponed and many of my friends are already out of work. Of course I support the writers and agree with what they are fighting for, I’m just getting used to the fact the strike has shut down Hollywood and is going to ruin people’s lives and businesses. This past week was a little exciting, shows shutting down, famous actors picketing in sweatpants and baseball caps, unemployed writers leaving Starbucks and joining the employed writers on picket lines and everyone feeling like the strike has made an impact. Soon everyone will feel that impact. The next few weeks aren’t going to be pretty. This is the week people don’t get last week’s paychecks, it’s one week closer to the holidays, it’s the week people start dipping into savings and many of the unemployed writers will start longing for a plush armchair and a grande latte. This town is fucked. I wish there was a way the WGA had every union involved. If every union in town was striking in support of the writers this strike would have been over before it began. Instead, my union and most others sent letters saying their members must report for work (if they have it) or they will simply be replaced. So, to survive, many ‘below the line’ crew are trying to get on a reality show or work non-union…unless they have a huge emergency fund. If this strike lasts as long as the 1988 strike (22 weeks) even the biggest savings account will see its owners lives changed for the worse. I feel bad for the people who had jobs, or on shows that were just starting and building momentum. Camera, makeup, crafty, script supervisor, grip, leadman, prop master, writers assistant…all out of work. Merry fucking Christmas. I support the writers 100 percent, and I know this is about the future of my industry and hope that other unions would have my back if it were my battle this time, but I am scared to see how ugly this is going to get. Now, about the title of this post. Day one of the strike had every reporter and blogger out taking pictures of the writers on the picket lines, and of course I spotted many of my friends at the front gates. However, THIS is the first picture I saw on Monday, my friend’s Jeff and Brian, standing by the snack table. Surely they were picketing and chanting all day, but here they are, in full glory, next to the Doritos.
jeff No Strike at Snack Table

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  1. SS says:

    As I writer I can’t help but comment…this strike does, indeed, suck – but it’s important. I just hope this doesn’t open the door for more reality bullshit. I for one have had enough of reality shows to last me a lifetime and the joke is on the public anyway, as reality shows were created to fill space between commercials for companies that refuse to be fair toward performers, now what? Reality shows written by people who can’t write? There’s a Friday night line up for ya! but that’s where we headed pretty much, unless the unions get overthemselves and finally all unite.

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