Yesterday was Ike’s funeral. His band rocked to ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘River Deep Mountain High’, hundreds jumped around, danced, cried and partied. Little Richard told hilarious stories and had hair unlike anything I have ever seen! Ike’s family and many wives spoke about the crazy times. Phil Spector spoke honestly and blamed “sell-out” Oprah and Whoopi for promoting the “poorly written” book by Tina which eventually became the movie. Justine and I were five rows back from the craziness on stage, which was very much like one of those crazy Jesus loving, jumping up and down praise god our savior ministry tv shows on Sunday morning!

Here are two crappy pics from my cell phone. 

The church was playing an Ike tribute on their plasmas in the lobby.

 Crappy cell pictures from Ikes funeral 

Phil Spector sticks it to Tina, Oprah and Whoopi! 

 Crappy cell pictures from Ikes funeral

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  1. Justine says:

    It was really more like a circus for Jesus than a funeral. Lots of yelling and bad wigs. :)

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