Ike Viewing

Dec 20, 2007

It has been an unreal week. As many of you know we had been shooting and developing a reality show for Ike, and now those boxes of tapes have taken on such a different meaning. 

So, this week we have just continued to shoot.

 Ike Viewing 

Today was Ike’s viewing. I drove down to Crenshaw Boulevard, walked into the funeral home and passed the giant security guard.

8 Ike Viewing

When I entered the room the lights were dim, the room was empty, “I Idolize You” was playing on the speakers and there was Ike in an open casket, surrounded by flowers, with two great pictures and a gold guitar on a stand. Again, I was the ONLY person in the room. I sat down and thought about how crazy our shoots were together, all the bullshit that has been written in the media and how it was way too early for Ike to go and that it didn’t need to happen. I said goodbye, signed the guest book and that was that. The guy who recorded the first rock and roll record, and me, in a lonely funeral home on Crenshaw.

7 Ike Viewing

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