I just finished Art Directing eight episodes of a really funny new show for Comedy Central. It’s called The Root of All Evil and it’s hosted by the very irate Lewis Black. 

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The premise of the show is great. Root takes place in a courtroom, with Lewis as the judge, and the attorneys are comics (Patton Oswalt, Andy Kindler, Greg Giraldo and more) who debate over pop culture figures with Lewis ultimately deciding who is The Root of All Evil. A recent case? Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney…which one is the Root of All Evil?

4 1 The Root of All Evil

A lot of my favorite people work on the show, Alison Freer is doing costumes, Eric McGilloway is the master of motion graphics and of course Chris Robinson rules the nest. Tonight is the wrap party at creator Scott Carter’s house. Scott is the Executive Producer of Real Time on HBO so maybe Bill Maher will be there with his date (a few Playboy Playmates)! The Root of All Evil premieres on March 12 after South Park on Comedy Central.

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  1. Mary says:

    What up G Man?
    Andy and I saw Patton Oswalt years ago at the Improv in DC before he was somewhat famous! It was the funniest hour of my life. Love him!

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