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Jan 25, 2008 1 Comment »

There are some (many) stereotypes about Los Angeles that are true. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and defend LA the same way I used to defend New York City to anyone who tried to talk shit (pre Giuliani), but a stereotype is a stereotype. This week "people can't drive in Los Angeles in the rain" holds true. Traffic, accidents and 15 miles per hour describe this week, and yeah, it's been raining every day for a week now, but why does rain make the freeway traffic STOP?! OK, now you can tell me about bagels and pizza.

This beautifully composed and elegantly handwritten sign was posted EVERYWHERE in my gym parking garage on Hollywood Boulevard. Obviously written by a scab (or reality writer) it's just another example of why the Writers Guild needs to get back to work.

2008 is here and the Writers Guild Strike is still not settled. The first ten days of this year have been filled with calls and emails from friends, co-workers and people I haven't talked to in years all looking for work. Sure, all the late night shows are back on the air but the employees at Conan, Letterman and Leno were paid for the last couple of months even though their shows weren't on the air. They weren't exactly victims of the strike. If you weren't one the lucky hundreds to work in late night then you are (or soon to be) fucked. There are thousands and thousands of people out of work and in danger of losing their health insurance, their houses and savings. The thing that has worried me most is that the people I know who always have work and are usually the ones to do all the hiring


Jan 07, 2008 2 Comments »

Hell yeah!