Celebrity lives

Aug 13, 2008

This is a presentation tape I shot way back in 2005. I had the idea after an emotional and drunken game of Celebrity at Mike and Kay’s house a few months before after Thanksgiving dinner.

We pulled together an amazing crew and cast. My friend Richard Valenzuela directed, Kaylyn Thornal edited and the incredible Darren Rydstrom was the cinematographer. Everything seemed perfect. Janet and I had just finished the Lisa Loeb show presentation tape, we had a new agent and, well, what could go wrong? After VH1 didn’t pick up the Lisa pilot, we ended up selling the it to E! and TV Land picked up Celebrity. One, two punch. A budget was made, studios were scouted and our deals were made. And then it just sat there. Forever.

Eventually all the executives at TV Land moved on to new jobs and we got the project back…and nothing happened.

We pitched it to over two dozen places and came close a few more times. 36 months later I had just assumed it would end up being a dusty dvd on my bookshelf. Until this week. Fingers crossed-there may be some life in this little baby yet.

Sad fact: Lisa Loeb was supposed to be a player but her car was stuck in her garage that night. A friend was at her house earlier in the day, asked to leave their car in the driveway to visit another friend and well, that ended that. Car stuck in garage.

3 Responses to “Celebrity lives”

  1. Jamie says:

    I wish this show all the luck in the world, but that game still strikes fear in me.

  2. admin says:

    taking the bus to where you need to go in la…impossible

  3. Téa B says:

    hahaha Lisa, it’s called a bus ;) Or do you guys not do the bus thing in LA? When I come there I was expecting to just use public transport and cabs, but it doesn’t seem to be the done thing.

    PS, I upgraded your blog. Stuff is happening… how excitement!

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