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Last December we did this pilot for Comedy Central, started shooting the series this summer and now it is airing and is getting great ratings. For this I am happy, the show is really funny, everyone on the show is great to work with, David Alan Grier is a genius and the entire art department is the most talented group of people I have ever met. Two thirds of the Chocolate News art department Candleabra competing in a tranny pageant 'Maya' recites poetry for Obama and McCain Next Wednesday we are shooting a 'day after the election' show that will air that night on Comedy Central, or you can check out clips and other random madness at

It's been nine years since Boston based alternative rock band Letters To Cleo broke up and I am so thankful they did. Here And Now I remember taking the news hard because going to see LTC was such an important part of my life for a very long time. Catching a Letters To Cleo show at Mercury Lounge, Tramps, Irving Plaza or Roseland and being in Boston or New Jersey on the same night as one of their gigs was something I always made sure to do, if I could. At those shows I met up with friends, got to catch up with my sister, meet new friends, grab a beer and immerse myself in a style of music and the New York social scene that is basically the foundation of who I am today. When Letters To Cleo disbanded it was also the end of my time in the city, the