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Poor producers, they have to walk into the edit bay and discuss the changes they want made. 

Here is a drawing for an "Act 3" sketch we did a couple years ago. The script required a set that could be assembled in less than 10 minutes during a commercial break and struck before "Act 4". Then the dream team of Bianca, Josh and Shane made the street come to life!   No stupid Hollywood girls allowed either. Well, there goes another before and after. The script got to us, it was built and shot and destroyed in 48 hours. I love Hollywood.

Justine and I have made our first very serious decision as husband and wife. No, it doesn't have to do with kids, a life insurance policy or how to figure out the whole last name thing. Our big decision has to do with where we invest our money. From now on we will never spend cash on Christmas or birthday presents for eachother unless it is art, and ideally an original and not a lithograph. To kick it off this Xmas we decided to buy a painting for our new house. Here it is. A Todd Goldman original. These one of a kind canvases are paintings of the characters that will be in Todd's new Fox cartoon series that premieres next year. We decided on Miss. Tease, she is our new daughter. Our next purchase is by my new favorite artist Rob Wynne. These are original, one of a kind prints and I am


I don't know if you knew it or not but before KISS took their makeup off in the 80's they were actually four black guys under costumes and greasepaint! This was such a fun sketch to Production Design. The script called for a super run down front yard, a 70's era dressing room for black KISS and to build a concert stage to match the original Gene Simmons concert footage. Of course we had to tweak the look of the KISS logo because, even though Comedy Central was OK with claiming KISS was a bunch of black guys before removing their makeup in the 80's, using the real logo is a no-no. Click here to watch KISS My Ass Josh, Shane, Dalton and Nandor built the tank and canon to match the KISS stage in the 70's and the KISS lights in the background are the lights from the 'Black Daddy' sketch, just

In an alternate universe this is the record of the year with 2 million copies sold. Listening to this I imagine walking around New York City on a cold winter night. What a year for Juliana, releasing a heartbreaking grown up record and a brutally honest memoir. Fuck the Grammy picks, John and Blake are the future of music. This band is so good I feel drunk just putting this record on. I can't stop listening to these on the iTunes and on my iPhone. More of my favorite records of 2008 later this week.

Here is an example of a live studio audience piece we did for one of the last episodes of Mind Of Mencia. The script called for a crack alley that will play in front of the live audience during the taping. The art department got the script a few days before the shoot, and in the middle of two other field shoots, pre-tapes and cold open set construction this is what we came up with. First I drew the sketch, then Bianca Ferro waved her set decorator magic wand and found all the pieces and had the major pieces built and painted, Josh and Shane brought it to life building the telephone poles and Ron found some scary realistic drug props (hmmm, how did he find them). Here is what it looked like at show time. What makes these sets difficult is they all have to be mobile and be set up

  The Justine and Gary wedding video in 3 parts. Getting ready, ceremony and reception. Let it load first for maximum viewing pleasure.