Best of 2008

Dec 14, 2008
weaponize1 Best of 2008In an alternate universe this is the record of the year with 2 million copies sold.
2870046269 d3652f4b221 Best of 2008Listening to this I imagine walking around New York City on a cold winter night.
juliana hatfield how to walk cover Best of 2008What a year for Juliana, releasing a heartbreaking grown up record and a brutally honest memoir.
thesubmarines Best of 2008Fuck the Grammy picks, John and Blake are the future of music.
pe hold steady stay positive Best of 2008This band is so good I feel drunk just putting this record on.

I can’t stop listening to these on the iTunes and on my iPhone. More of my favorite records of 2008 later this week.

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  1. Téa B says:

    all solid choices :)

    Did you ust refer to “The iTunes”?

    My grandmother refers to the internet as “the Google”. hehehe

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