Justine and I have made our first very serious decision as husband and wife. No, it doesn’t have to do with kids, a life insurance policy or how to figure out the whole last name thing. Our big decision has to do with where we invest our money. From now on we will never spend cash on Christmas or birthday presents for eachother unless it is art, and ideally an original and not a lithograph. To kick it off this Xmas we decided to buy a painting for our new house. Here it is. A Todd Goldman original.

img 0926 780x585 Husband and Wife Xmas Present

Justine and the gallery rep with our new Todd Goldman painting.

These one of a kind canvases are paintings of the characters that will be in Todd’s new Fox cartoon series that premieres next year. We decided on Miss. Tease, she is our new daughter.

Our next purchase is by my new favorite artist Rob Wynne.

img 0846 780x585 Husband and Wife Xmas Present

There is a whole series of these. I am starting with two.

These are original, one of a kind prints and I am so crazy about all of the work I want to collect everything he’s done. We were at our friend Naomi’s gallery in Las Vegas and pulled these out of storage to claim them.

So, instead of Christmas today with presents under the tree we are just going to stare at the wall and look at our investments. Hopefully all of the decisions we make as husband and wife will be this easy.


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