I don’t know if you knew it or not but before KISS took their makeup off in the 80′s they were actually four black guys under costumes and greasepaint!

img 1984 KISS My Ass Sketch for Chocolate News

Black KISS in their dressing room circa mid 1970

This was such a fun sketch to Production Design. The script called for a super run down front yard, a 70′s era dressing room for black KISS and to build a concert stage to match the original Gene Simmons concert footage. Of course we had to tweak the look of the KISS logo because, even though Comedy Central was OK with claiming KISS was a bunch of black guys before removing their makeup in the 80′s, using the real logo is a no-no.

Click here to watch KISS My Ass

Josh, Shane, Dalton and Nandor built the tank and canon to match the KISS stage in the 70′s and the KISS lights in the background are the lights from the ‘Black Daddy’ sketch, just painted black and reformatted. As always, they pulled it together in a few hours the day before the shoot.

img 2008 KISS My Ass Sketch for Chocolate News

DAG as black Gene

We shot the exteriors in Sylmar on probably the hottest day of the summer and the stage and dressing room at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood on the same day as 3 other scripts. Those were two intense days, but we spent some money we didn’t have, made some magic happen and everyone was happy. Except for Jim Ziegler when he got the bill.

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