Here is an example of a live studio audience piece we did for one of the last episodes of Mind Of Mencia.

crackalleysketch1 Mind Of Mencia Sketch Before and After

This sketch has to be on stage in less than 2 days.

The script called for a crack alley that will play in front of the live audience during the taping. The art department got the script a few days before the shoot, and in the middle of two other field shoots, pre-tapes and cold open set construction this is what we came up with. First I drew the sketch, then Bianca Ferro waved her set decorator magic wand and found all the pieces and had the major pieces built and painted, Josh and Shane brought it to life building the telephone poles and Ron found some scary realistic drug props (hmmm, how did he find them). Here is what it looked like at show time.

acrackalleywide Mind Of Mencia Sketch Before and After

The grey floor is just carpet with black tape to make the cracks.

What makes these sets difficult is they all have to be mobile and be set up during a commercial break in front of the audience in less than 8 minutes. Then after the sketch is finished it needs to be struck and gone in even less time to move on to the next segment. Not to mention it has to be made under budget and be staged for over a dozen actors and camera blocking, usually in less than 2 days.

Here is the set in action. We miss you Ned.

acrackalley Mind Of Mencia Sketch Before and After

Costume design by Alison Freer, photos by Randy Shropshire

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