I love acupuncture-it helps with so many ailments, emotions, aches and pains.

I also love Los Angeles because we are always first to try anything that will make you feel your best.

That’s why I think this new acupuncturist in my neighborhood will make a killing.

There are so many losers that will benefit from curing ailment #3. If it really works we may soon see freeway drivers using blinkers, people putting their cell phones down on the checkout line and Ed Hardy stores going out of business.

img 0057 585x780 Bad spellcheck or new Los Angeles trend?

Corner of Moorpark and Tujunga in case you're interested...

2 Responses to “Bad spellcheck or new Los Angeles trend?”

  1. Justine says:

    Too bad they fixed the sign. :(

  2. gary says:

    today someone scratched the “r” off. i’ll snap a picture tomorrow.

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