The little girl you hear singing on this free MP3 download is Valentina Santiago, my 6 year old friend. I saw Valentina in the Nutcracker last month, played Santa at her house a few days ago and have known her way before she knew how to sing. (Back to the Santa thing for a second-Valentina’s parents, Joey and Linda had a Xmas eve party this year and I showed up to play Santa. Everything was going great for the 60 seconds I was there until Valentina decided to start screaming “it’s Gaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyy” and then all 15 kids figured it out and I ran out the door.)

Valentina’s dad is my friend Joey Santiago…the guitarist from the Pixies. His new band, with David Lovering (drummer in Pixies) is called Everybody. The music is incredible, but I’m not sure when you’ll get to hear it. In the meantime if you give them your email address at they will send you a free MP3 of David, Joey and Valentina performing “Snow In Los Angeles”.

It is the best song I have heard all year.

everybodytheband 780x346 Joey and Daves free download featuring Valentina.

Snow In Los Angeles, a new holiday classic.


Oh, and one final thing. When I told Joey that I walked out during the ceremony at my wedding to “Here Comes Your Man” he reminded me that the song is about a bum.

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