I am working on a show right now and we are loading into a huge warehouse space in Downtown Los Angeles. Julie and I are standing in the corner, over there is a group of new Production Assistants talking about how easy it would be to work in Art Department. One of them just said “it’s such an easy job, they just give you money to shop”. Of course  I wanted to jump across the room and shake him- then I had to remember that the poor kid was new, probably his first job in tv. I should ask him if he wants to work with us for a few days, he would probably cry, pack his bags and move back to Kansas.

With that here is a another Mind Of Mencia before and after.

dippysketch 780x535 Yet another Mencia before and after

The script called for a kids show set in a third world country...here's my sketch.

This set involved custom made puppets, a talking Bono on a brick wall, a place for 3 puppeteers to hide and as usual the ability for it to load in in front of the studio audience in less than 8 minutes, and leave just as fast after the segment.

img 0757 780x585 Yet another Mencia before and after

Here's Josh Ritcher making the Bono mouth.

img 0776 780x585 Yet another Mencia before and after

Here he is testing the mouth!

img 0771 780x585 Yet another Mencia before and after

Bono's mouth on the monitor while the "real" Bono speaks in the background.

So here’s how it goes. Monday afternoon we know nothing while we are out shooting a different field shoot, late Tuesday we find out this set is a go. The sketch, the approval, the shopping, decorating, building, graphics, puppets, building and tweaking all happen by Wednesday evening. Thursday we rehearse it all day setting it up and striking it 5 or 6 times until show time. 

OK, now go back to the sketch at the top, see it. Below is what it looked like on set thanks to Bianca Ferro, Shane Passantino, Ron Woods, Josh Ritcher, Todd Daniels and Eric McGilloway. Of course it is nothing without Alison Freer’s costume design and lighting design by Christian Hibbard.

292436260 pvqsu l 780x520 Yet another Mencia before and after

A wide shot of the set.

292437076 ciwej m Yet another Mencia before and after

...with Ned, the puppets and actors.

The next day Nikki Kessler yelled at me for spending too much money. What else is new. 

Like the Production Assistant said, we just get some money and go shopping!

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  1. Téa B says:

    HA! And the worst part is, all your hard work gets ripped down again afterwards!

    At least mine stays up for a year or so, huh :)

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