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I don't watch American Idol, but it doesn't mean I am not aware of what goes on over there. First of all my friend Kara DioGuardi is one of the judges and Mike and Conroy swear by the show, so I am usually pretty up to date. Last night at dinner we talked about the newest contestant, Joanna Pacitti, and the controversy that is surrounding her this season. Joanna was recently dropped by her record label (just being signed to anything put her light years ahead of the sad losers that pass for singers on that show) and she also got dropped 10 years ago by a bunch of Broadway producers! That reminded me that Chris and I did a bit about Joanna on our old public access show. Enjoy this clip (click on the picture) which took over 10 years to sort-of be relevant again. After watching that again after 11 years

I just looked at the buttons above and realized that they feature TWO cancelled shows. Mind Of Mencia and Chocolate News were cancelled, as well as Root Of All Evil. These were three Comedy Central shows I art directed and now is the first time since 2005 that I am 100 percent Comedy Central free!  Once I get the logos for the TWO shows I am doing right now I will ask Tea to switch them out.