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I found some drawings I did probably 23 years ago when I was obsessed with teaching myself how to draw. I was really into the detail of trying to copy a photograph down to the pore, the hair and eyelash. How would I keep myself interested in a drawing that would take a few days to complete? My solution to fight attention deficit disorder was to draw babes- especially rock star babes or movie star babes! Comparing my drawing to a picture and trying to make it perfect was a way to know if I was doing it right. I spent thousands of hours as a kid going through pads, illustration board and paper my dad brought home from work drawing rock star babes. Of course as I got older, and eventually went to art school in New York, I got away from copying someone else's photograph to draw a portrait because

Click the screen grab to check out Justine's new awesome website. The wife is doing so well that maybe I can retire. What do you think, should I retire?