I found some drawings I did probably 23 years ago when I was obsessed with teaching myself how to draw.

I was really into the detail of trying to copy a photograph down to the pore, the hair and eyelash.

How would I keep myself interested in a drawing that would take a few days to complete? My solution to fight attention deficit disorder was to draw babes- especially rock star babes or movie star babes! Comparing my drawing to a picture and trying to make it perfect was a way to know if I was doing it right. I spent thousands of hours as a kid going through pads, illustration board and paper my dad brought home from work drawing rock star babes. Of course as I got older, and eventually went to art school in New York, I got away from copying someone else’s photograph to draw a portrait because I had my own ideas and my very own living subjects. Still, I credit the hours I spent in my teens trying to draw the light reflection in the eyeball with giving me an insane attention to detail that has now served me well as a production designer and art director. 

Here are a few fanboy drawings I drew circa 1986-87. Again, note the obsession with getting the detail perfect, I am sure a kid would be diagnosed with meds today if they spent that much time on a drawing instead of being outside.

annnancy 560x780 I was a teenage maniac for detail

You would think I didn't have any friends...

marilymmonroe 508x780 I was a teenage maniac for detail

The adult me worries about the teenage me

benatardrawing 553x780 I was a teenage maniac for detail

A teenage boy and his love for Pat Benatar...


Maybe I need to share more of these old drawings here to openly examine why I no longer spend any time drawing.

How did I go from drawing people and portraits to drawing set designs? I think I miss doing this.

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  1. Dylan Ashby says:

    Rocking drawing dude, I got obsessed with learning how to draw when I got out of highschool 2 years ago and I’m even more so now. Fuck yeah! Hey if you miss drawing portrait, spend some time everyday drawing! You can very well get back into it. Even if it takes waking up 30 min earlier to get some time in. -Cheers

  2. Margie says:

    So talented. It would be interesting to see what twenty-some years would produce.
    I miss the drawings.

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