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Earlier this year I art directed Top Chef Masters, a Top Chef spinoff for Bravo. It was intense, last minute madness and seven days a week. So, if you know me at all you'll be able to see my influence in a lot of the design this season. (black was prominent) Julie, Josh, Shane, Angela and I really raised the bar on what they were doing over there. As a matter of fact some people actually said we raised the bar, and when a producer says that to you it means they are never calling you again. I think. I never really knew that until my director friend Danny Boyle told me over dinner. "Raising the bar", he said "on a show that wants to save money means you spent too much of it". I am paraphrasing.  The art department actually saved them a ton of money. Check out these lighting fixtures we came up with

Everyone seems to love my before and after sketches. These sketches are good examples of some last minute needs that come up in production and why you need a strong art department to pull it off. I have a killer group of people I work with all the time to make sure there are never headaches for producers in the art department. We just get it done, fast. We keep it within the budget and always raise the bar. The sketches below are drawn up last minute, sometimes we have weeks to prep and design sets, but last minute is the rule most of the time. These are last minute. 2009 so far has been a strange year. We have been working a lot but the game has changed a bit. This downturn in the economy has seen network after network outsource their shows to third party producers. To save some cash they