Everyone seems to love my before and after sketches. These sketches are good examples of some last minute needs that come up in production and why you need a strong art department to pull it off.

I have a killer group of people I work with all the time to make sure there are never headaches for producers in the art department.

We just get it done, fast. We keep it within the budget and always raise the bar. The sketches below are drawn up last minute, sometimes we have weeks to prep and design sets, but last minute is the rule most of the time. These are last minute.

2009 so far has been a strange year. We have been working a lot but the game has changed a bit. This downturn in the economy has seen network after network outsource their shows to third party producers. To save some cash they are having reality producers doing sketch comedy and hiring lousy line producers who think they can just cut corners with crew and low ball them to keep their budgets low. Yes, I know budgets have been cut and I realize they have a job to do but certain producers/ line producers have no idea what an art department does so cutting that line item down to nothing is too easy (lazy) for them. I do believe there is a special place for these people and it is a mediocre career with nothing to be proud of. I have met with a bunch of them this year.

Of course, If it was all bad I would be ready to get out of television.

Everything happens for a reason however because the projects I am working on now have been such better experiences, with a higher caliber of talent, than anything I would be doing with some of the producers I met with this spring. But I digress.

Here are some more sketches I scanned in that represent what it is like when the art department gets a script that is shooting in less than 2 days. (If you want to see more  check out some earlier blog entries)

timemachinesketch 780x673 Paper sketches and sketchy producersblackmanbluessketch1 780x572 Paper sketches and sketchy producerswhohadithardersketch 780x559 Paper sketches and sketchy producersconfessionssketch 780x547 Paper sketches and sketchy producerswhatilovesketch 780x571 Paper sketches and sketchy producersSo yeah, the art department has been working-we have a show (Top Chef Masters) premiering on Bravo tonight, shot pilots for CBS, Sony and Harpo and start an ABC series next week, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t just a little annoyed by Hollywood right now.

Being annoyed is a good thing though, it forces us to get better projects and weed out the bad guys (and if you are reading this right now you know who you are).

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