On last night’s Workaholics we witnessed the kidnapping and death of our beloved dragon. As with everything in the art department nothing is easy, including how the dragon came into our lives.

The writers needed to decide what they wanted, the guys needed to approve sketches and the network had to give us the money to make it.

We couldn’t rent or buy a dragon. Legally we couldn’t cut the head off of anything that had a copyright (i.e. Barney) nor could we afford to pay a massive loss & damage fee after we destroyed a rental. The dragon had to be designed and made from scratch. A one shot deal that could be carried around, look heavy, friendly enough for kids but bad-ass enough that the guys would want to steal it. It also had to be made of a material that a chainsaw could easily cut through. Finally, we could only afford to manufacture ONE, which anyone in film and tv will tell you is a nightmare because if we screw it up on the first take there isn’t another take…

The dragon was sketched, approved, sculpted, coated with a fiberglass, sanded, painted and delivered to set in one week.

After the dragon was destroyed it went to a secret location and I am not at liberty to say where.

Here are the guys stealing the dragon off the the fake rock base and then the sad death.

Below that you’ll see the dragon being sculpted out of foam and what it looked like before it was painted.Untitled Death of Workaholics dragon

IMG 0781 1024x682 Death of Workaholics dragonIMG 0827 1024x768 Death of Workaholics dragon

IMG 1053 1024x768 Death of Workaholics dragon

IMG 1067 1024x768 Death of Workaholics dragon

IMG 3494 764x1024 Death of Workaholics dragon

IMG 3497 764x1024 Death of Workaholics dragon

IMG 3527 764x1024 Death of Workaholics dragon

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  1. margie says:

    The dragon is terrific. Or, should I say was terrific. Great job by all involved.

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