A Sewer Is Born

Apr 11, 2012

We needed a sewer set for an episode of Workaholics last season because we couldn’t (wouldn’t) shoot in a real one. To make matters messier, the set had to flood on camera! Easier said (written) than done.

A ton of conversations took place about what the sewer water will consist of.

We couldn’t use anything illegal to drain in Los Angeles County, nor could we use anything that could harm the actors.
So, other than the real thing, the only option is brown tinted water, oatmeal and other food items. Yes, chocolate muffins work great.

Here are some sketches, renderings and pictures from the day of the shoot. This was a killer team effort by the Workaholics art department and to this day people think we shot in an actual sewer.

Enjoy your lunch.

sewerscript1 1024x348 A Sewer Is Born

Workaholics Sewer 1 A Sewer Is Born
Workaholics Sewer 2 A Sewer Is Born
Workaholics Sewer 3 A Sewer Is Born
Workaholics Sewer 4 A Sewer Is BornSeason 3 of Workaholics premieres on Comedy Central May 2012

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