Today at two o'clock Kay will walk through the front door of her house after four months of being on tour with Hannah Montana. Goodbye tour bus, 20,000 seat arenas, screaming teenagers, stage makeup, skateboarding backstage, per diems and fancy hotel rooms. Hello suburbs, parent teacher conferences and (I'm sure) the skateboard. Welcome home, we missed you. 


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There are some (many) stereotypes about Los Angeles that are true. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and defend LA the same way I used to defend New York City to anyone who tried to talk shit (pre Giuliani), but a stereotype is a stereotype. This week "people can't drive in Los Angeles in the rain" holds true. Traffic, accidents and 15 miles per hour describe this week, and yeah, it's been raining every day for a week now, but why does rain make the freeway traffic STOP?! OK, now you can tell me about bagels and pizza.

This beautifully composed and elegantly handwritten sign was posted EVERYWHERE in my gym parking garage on Hollywood Boulevard. Obviously written by a scab (or reality writer) it's just another example of why the Writers Guild needs to get back to work.

2008 is here and the Writers Guild Strike is still not settled. The first ten days of this year have been filled with calls and emails from friends, co-workers and people I haven't talked to in years all looking for work. Sure, all the late night shows are back on the air but the employees at Conan, Letterman and Leno were paid for the last couple of months even though their shows weren't on the air. They weren't exactly victims of the strike. If you weren't one the lucky hundreds to work in late night then you are (or soon to be) fucked. There are thousands and thousands of people out of work and in danger of losing their health insurance, their houses and savings. The thing that has worried me most is that the people I know who always have work and are usually the ones to do all the hiring


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Hell yeah!

Yesterday was Ike's funeral. His band rocked to 'Proud Mary' and 'River Deep Mountain High', hundreds jumped around, danced, cried and partied. Little Richard told hilarious stories and had hair unlike anything I have ever seen! Ike's family and many wives spoke about the crazy times. Phil Spector spoke honestly and blamed "sell-out" Oprah and Whoopi for promoting the "poorly written" book by Tina which eventually became the movie. Justine and I were five rows back from the craziness on stage, which was very much like one of those crazy Jesus loving, jumping up and down praise god our savior ministry tv shows on Sunday morning! Here are two crappy pics from my cell phone.  The church was playing an Ike tribute on their plasmas in the lobby.   Phil Spector sticks it to Tina, Oprah and Whoopi! 

It has been an unreal week. As many of you know we had been shooting and developing a reality show for Ike, and now those boxes of tapes have taken on such a different meaning.  So, this week we have just continued to shoot.   Today was Ike's viewing. I drove down to Crenshaw Boulevard, walked into the funeral home and passed the giant security guard. When I entered the room the lights were dim, the room was empty, "I Idolize You" was playing on the speakers and there was Ike in an open casket, surrounded by flowers, with two great pictures and a gold guitar on a stand. Again, I was the ONLY person in the room. I sat down and thought about how crazy our shoots were together, all the bullshit that has been written in the media and how it was way too early for Ike to go and that it

The other show I wrapped this week was The Chocolate News. TCN is a pilot for Comedy Central and was created, written and stars the brilliant David Alan Grier (you remember him from In Living Color). The show is a spoof of news magazine shows like 20/20 and Primetime Live but with a very black point of view. We shot thirty seven scenes in three days, those of you in the business know that's pretty insane, but DAG is so much fun to be around we barely noticed the hectic pace. Here are some pictures I took on set.    Troy is only 10 years old so we built him a nice bedroom... but don't make little Troy mad...    because he will kick the shit out of your set... Here Josh and Shane model the special couch they made... and here it is in use...    And finally, meet Phat Man, he was kind enough to perform for

I just finished Art Directing eight episodes of a really funny new show for Comedy Central. It's called The Root of All Evil and it's hosted by the very irate Lewis Black.  The premise of the show is great. Root takes place in a courtroom, with Lewis as the judge, and the attorneys are comics (Patton Oswalt, Andy Kindler, Greg Giraldo and more) who debate over pop culture figures with Lewis ultimately deciding who is The Root of All Evil. A recent case? Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney...which one is the Root of All Evil? A lot of my favorite people work on the show, Alison Freer is doing costumes, Eric McGilloway is the master of motion graphics and of course Chris Robinson rules the nest. Tonight is the wrap party at creator Scott Carter's house. Scott is the Executive Producer of Real Time on HBO so maybe Bill Maher will be