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It was a typical day for me. Yesterday I wrapped both my Comedy Central shows and last night I got an email from Ike's sister in law Arlene that said "He's baaaack!" That was an exciting thing to read because the last month has been really tough for all of us in Camp Ike. After a frustrating few months of shooting and developing on and off it seemed like we were back in business! The last few weeks have been really hard for Ike and for all of us. I've only known the guy for 6 months and I have witnessed the highest highs and the deepest lows I could ever imagine for a human being. There are things we filmed, discussions we had both on and off camera that really helped me understand the man, his pain and his desperate attempt to reclaim his legacy and not be known

Best Actor, Best Film, Best Score...hands down.

It's true, vandalism is costly. So, here is my quarter.  Surprise! Vandalism IS costly, I wonder how much they paid this vandal? 

The Writers Guild strike is a week old and it sucks already. Two of the projects I was to start in the past few weeks were postponed and many of my friends are already out of work. Of course I support the writers and agree with what they are fighting for, I'm just getting used to the fact the strike has shut down Hollywood and is going to ruin people's lives and businesses. This past week was a little exciting, shows shutting down, famous actors picketing in sweatpants and baseball caps, unemployed writers leaving Starbucks and joining the employed writers on picket lines and everyone feeling like the strike has made an impact. Soon everyone will feel that impact. The next few weeks aren't going to be pretty. This is the week people don't get last week's paychecks, it's one week closer to the holidays, it's the week people

OPEN LETTER TO ALL IATSE MEMBERS AND LOCALS ENGAGED IN MOTION PICTURE AND TELEVISION PRODUCTION. FROM THOMAS C. SHORT, INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT As you are aware, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is currently in negotiations for a successor contract to the current agreement that expires on October 31, 2007. While the IATSE remains hopeful that a new agreement can be reached between the WGA and the Employers, there is a potential for a work stoppage. The IATSE has over 50,000 members in two countries engaged in motion picture and television production. Any work stoppage may have a profound and long-lasting impact on you and your families. The IATSE contracts contain provisions that require us to continue to honor our contracts. These "no strike" provisions require the IATSE to notify our members of their obligation to honor these contracts and continue working. Any individual member who chooses to honor any picket line is subject to

My friend Lisa Loeb was the surprise walk on guest at the New Found Glory show in New York yesterday. I don't know much (ok nothing) about New Found Glory, but now I know that they do a rocking cover of Lisa's song 'Stay'.

I am working on a stage next to where they shoot Family Fued. Seems they are doing a Halloween themed episode and having a bunch of set decoration delivered. Spiders, coffins, goblins and lots of tombstones are all being unloaded from the truck...including this one, which upon further inspection looks like it was stolen from a certain graveyard in Seattle. I know it's hard to see in this picture but the birth date and, well, death date are identical. Oh, and one one more thing-why wasn't I hired to do this fucking gig?

This week I finish shooting with Ike so we can pitch the show in November... ...pitch Kara to two very cool networks... ...and go to New York City for the first time in a year for work and vacation. More on what the "work" is when it comes together.