Chris and I are working on the return of Gripe. We did this show when we both lived in New York City in the 90's, even though Chris now lives in Florida (awful) and I am in Los Angeles, the time seems right to do it again. Last year we put up a bunch of clips on You Tube just for fun, and it was surprising to hear so many people suggest that we should pick up where we left off. I recently came up with a way to bring it back in a totally 21st century way but still retain the live feel and the cluster-fuck-ness of it all. Chris is STILL wearing that beat up red hat and our screwed up cast of characters are still around, waiting for their second chance at no glory. Here is a clip from the old show. This is the one where

Here is a webisode from an online series I art directed (with the amazing Bianca, Rock and Lindsey) for Harry Shearer. There is a bunch of great content over at My Damn Channel and soon there will be webisodes created by yours truly. More on that as it comes together, so, in the meantime enjoy "No Cooler For The Scooter" and see what we pulled together for $800 bucks. Somehow we made a real neon sign and photoshopped it on a picture of a bunker, a cabaret set, a fake rubber hand, a half broken heart monitor and me pulling a chair with fishing line look almost as good as Harry's Dick Cheney makeup!

Tomorrow I have to drive down to San Marcos (fire central to be exact) to finish up filming with Ike. Of course all of Southern California is on fire, but I can't let that stop me...we have to finish this project. Pitching in November. Looking at the traffic situation online is insane, dead center in this cluster of red is exactly where I will be.

Campaign headquarters in front of Home Depot. The kid is healthy, his mom is 320 pounds. I know where my Halloween costume is coming from!

Merv Griffin's parking spot is still there, and here is a new one-freshly painted today.

Just found out that Mind Of Mencia, which I've art directed for 3 seasons, was renewed.

I hate things, I really do. Here is one. When I lived in New York City I didn't pay much attention to cars. Didn't own one, didn't care. Now, after 5 years in Los Angeles, I know that there are things I really hate about cars. I really don't mind drivers, I drive a lot, love my car, and actually find most drivers in LA to be courteous, even when they are making illegal u-turns in 6 lanes of traffic. What really bugs me about cars, and it's not even the fault of the car, is the sticker of the each member of the family in the rear window. I have seen two mommies and a child, two dads and a kid and of course, it being So Cal many Mexican families with Papa and Mama and 9 kids. These stickers are even more annoying than the Calvin and

Never mind Halloween, this is the kind of thing you see year round on the prop masters cart!

The Writers Guild has been outside the Tribune gates since 7am picketing Temptation, a non-union game show. I know a lot of the writers in the rally, including some great friends from Mind Of Mencia. The Mencia writers staged a walkout earlier this year and successfully negotiated a contract with Comedy Central. I am curious to see how and if this plays out, especially since Temptation wraps in a week after shooting 170 shows in 30 days.