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The other show I wrapped this week was The Chocolate News. TCN is a pilot for Comedy Central and was created, written and stars the brilliant David Alan Grier (you remember him from In Living Color). The show is a spoof of news magazine shows like 20/20 and Primetime Live but with a very black point of view. We shot thirty seven scenes in three days, those of you in the business know that's pretty insane, but DAG is so much fun to be around we barely noticed the hectic pace. Here are some pictures I took on set.    Troy is only 10 years old so we built him a nice bedroom... but don't make little Troy mad...    because he will kick the shit out of your set... Here Josh and Shane model the special couch they made... and here it is in use...    And finally, meet Phat Man, he was kind enough to perform for

I just finished Art Directing eight episodes of a really funny new show for Comedy Central. It's called The Root of All Evil and it's hosted by the very irate Lewis Black.  The premise of the show is great. Root takes place in a courtroom, with Lewis as the judge, and the attorneys are comics (Patton Oswalt, Andy Kindler, Greg Giraldo and more) who debate over pop culture figures with Lewis ultimately deciding who is The Root of All Evil. A recent case? Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney...which one is the Root of All Evil? A lot of my favorite people work on the show, Alison Freer is doing costumes, Eric McGilloway is the master of motion graphics and of course Chris Robinson rules the nest. Tonight is the wrap party at creator Scott Carter's house. Scott is the Executive Producer of Real Time on HBO so maybe Bill Maher will be

I am working on a stage next to where they shoot Family Fued. Seems they are doing a Halloween themed episode and having a bunch of set decoration delivered. Spiders, coffins, goblins and lots of tombstones are all being unloaded from the truck...including this one, which upon further inspection looks like it was stolen from a certain graveyard in Seattle. I know it's hard to see in this picture but the birth date and, well, death date are identical. Oh, and one one more thing-why wasn't I hired to do this fucking gig?

Here is a webisode from an online series I art directed (with the amazing Bianca, Rock and Lindsey) for Harry Shearer. There is a bunch of great content over at My Damn Channel and soon there will be webisodes created by yours truly. More on that as it comes together, so, in the meantime enjoy "No Cooler For The Scooter" and see what we pulled together for $800 bucks. Somehow we made a real neon sign and photoshopped it on a picture of a bunker, a cabaret set, a fake rubber hand, a half broken heart monitor and me pulling a chair with fishing line look almost as good as Harry's Dick Cheney makeup!