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My marathon work schedule soldiers on. I haven't had a day off since I was in New York at the end of January for Lisa Loeb's wedding. It has been 7 days a week and 16 hours a day ever since. Just ask my friends and wife, they barely remember me. I am so thankful for my other family, my art department peeps. They inspire me and keep me going every day. I am humbled by their greatness.

I don't watch American Idol, but it doesn't mean I am not aware of what goes on over there. First of all my friend Kara DioGuardi is one of the judges and Mike and Conroy swear by the show, so I am usually pretty up to date. Last night at dinner we talked about the newest contestant, Joanna Pacitti, and the controversy that is surrounding her this season. Joanna was recently dropped by her record label (just being signed to anything put her light years ahead of the sad losers that pass for singers on that show) and she also got dropped 10 years ago by a bunch of Broadway producers! That reminded me that Chris and I did a bit about Joanna on our old public access show. Enjoy this clip (click on the picture) which took over 10 years to sort-of be relevant again. After watching that again after 11 years

I am working on a show right now and we are loading into a huge warehouse space in Downtown Los Angeles. Julie and I are standing in the corner, over there is a group of new Production Assistants talking about how easy it would be to work in Art Department. One of them just said "it's such an easy job, they just give you money to shop". Of course  I wanted to jump across the room and shake him- then I had to remember that the poor kid was new, probably his first job in tv. I should ask him if he wants to work with us for a few days, he would probably cry, pack his bags and move back to Kansas. With that here is a another Mind Of Mencia before and after. This set involved custom made puppets, a talking Bono on a brick wall, a place for 3

What is this? Dirty Close-Up what? Let me explain. My first encounter with the people that work behind the scenes in the entertainment business was almost twenty years ago, and to this day I still think that their stories and experiences are usually more interesting than the PR spin that any actor would reveal. On most shoots I hear the most insane stories about Hollywood in the location scout van, or at the craft service table and I always wanted to give these below the line types a place to share a few. The Dirty Close-Up interview is just that. I am starting them as written interviews and will be posting video interviews soon, both give a behind the scenes look at the personalities and quirky individuality that make up a call sheet on any film or television shoot. Oh yeah, in film slang a "dirty close-up" is a close up

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I finally got my Vimeo page up and running, and the Sixteen Blue Productions Vimeo page is linked there too. I put the Ike Turner, Kara Dioguardi, Celebrity game show and Shut Up Stella presentations up last night and will add a bunch more later. There have been so many interesting meetings, pitches and inquiries about these projects in the past few days that having them here to easily view is better than sending a dvd. The stories behind these videos are unreal. I need to write about the blood, sweat, tears and kidney stones that go into trying to sell a project.


Tomorrow I start on the new Top Chef spin-off for Bravo called Top Chef: Masters. The art crew you know and love with be there too! Julie Drach (Assistant Art Director), Josh Ritcher (Leadman), Shane Passantino (Swing) and Angela Clubb (Buyer) will join me for the next eight weeks with some long stretches without a day off. We're all excited to be working together again after the holiday break (last year we did nine shows together...NINE!). Everyone I know is really excited too, even friends and family who normally don't care one bit about what I am currently working on react like I just won the lottery. Top Chef is so loved by all of my friends, heck, Kay has even volunteered to PA or whatever she has to do to be a part of the show. Click on the picture below to read a blurb about the show from some reality tv blog.


I love acupuncture-it helps with so many ailments, emotions, aches and pains. I also love Los Angeles because we are always first to try anything that will make you feel your best. That's why I think this new acupuncturist in my neighborhood will make a killing. There are so many losers that will benefit from curing ailment #3. If it really works we may soon see freeway drivers using blinkers, people putting their cell phones down on the checkout line and Ed Hardy stores going out of business.

The little girl you hear singing on this free MP3 download is Valentina Santiago, my 6 year old friend. I saw Valentina in the Nutcracker last month, played Santa at her house a few days ago and have known her way before she knew how to sing. (Back to the Santa thing for a second-Valentina's parents, Joey and Linda had a Xmas eve party this year and I showed up to play Santa. Everything was going great for the 60 seconds I was there until Valentina decided to start screaming "it's Gaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyy" and then all 15 kids figured it out and I ran out the door.) Valentina's dad is my friend Joey Santiago...the guitarist from the Pixies. His new band, with David Lovering (drummer in Pixies) is called Everybody. The music is incredible, but I'm not sure when you'll get to hear it. In the meantime if you give them your

I don't know if you knew it or not but before KISS took their makeup off in the 80's they were actually four black guys under costumes and greasepaint! This was such a fun sketch to Production Design. The script called for a super run down front yard, a 70's era dressing room for black KISS and to build a concert stage to match the original Gene Simmons concert footage. Of course we had to tweak the look of the KISS logo because, even though Comedy Central was OK with claiming KISS was a bunch of black guys before removing their makeup in the 80's, using the real logo is a no-no. Click here to watch KISS My Ass Josh, Shane, Dalton and Nandor built the tank and canon to match the KISS stage in the 70's and the KISS lights in the background are the lights from the 'Black Daddy' sketch, just