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Here is an example of a live studio audience piece we did for one of the last episodes of Mind Of Mencia. The script called for a crack alley that will play in front of the live audience during the taping. The art department got the script a few days before the shoot, and in the middle of two other field shoots, pre-tapes and cold open set construction this is what we came up with. First I drew the sketch, then Bianca Ferro waved her set decorator magic wand and found all the pieces and had the major pieces built and painted, Josh and Shane brought it to life building the telephone poles and Ron found some scary realistic drug props (hmmm, how did he find them). Here is what it looked like at show time. What makes these sets difficult is they all have to be mobile and be set up

  The Justine and Gary wedding video in 3 parts. Getting ready, ceremony and reception. Let it load first for maximum viewing pleasure.

Here are a few stills from a sketch we did on Chocolate News for the Fat Man character. This time Fat Man got his own sitcom on Nickelodeon called "Bitch You Betta Don't", sort of a Honeymooners meets King of Queens...except for the half naked dancers. We had a limited budget and time frame to design, build, dress and prop this shoot but I think it came out perfectly. Julie Drach, the set decorator, was able to find the saddest run down inner city apartment dressing and Josh Green added such great details. At the end of the night Josh Ritcher & Shane Passantino wrapped the downstage side of the set with plastic and Fat Man had a foam party! All in a days work. The foam party courtesy of Tom Bry!

Last December we did this pilot for Comedy Central, started shooting the series this summer and now it is airing and is getting great ratings. For this I am happy, the show is really funny, everyone on the show is great to work with, David Alan Grier is a genius and the entire art department is the most talented group of people I have ever met. Two thirds of the Chocolate News art department Candleabra competing in a tranny pageant 'Maya' recites poetry for Obama and McCain Next Wednesday we are shooting a 'day after the election' show that will air that night on Comedy Central, or you can check out clips and other random madness at

This is a presentation tape I shot way back in 2005. I had the idea after an emotional and drunken game of Celebrity at Mike and Kay's house a few months before after Thanksgiving dinner. We pulled together an amazing crew and cast. My friend Richard Valenzuela directed, Kaylyn Thornal edited and the incredible Darren Rydstrom was the cinematographer. Everything seemed perfect. Janet and I had just finished the Lisa Loeb show presentation tape, we had a new agent and, well, what could go wrong? After VH1 didn't pick up the Lisa pilot, we ended up selling the it to E! and TV Land picked up Celebrity. One, two punch. A budget was made, studios were scouted and our deals were made. And then it just sat there. Forever. Eventually all the executives at TV Land moved on to new jobs and we got the project back...and nothing happened. We pitched it to

If you are looking to liven up your next birthday party get your guests going with some drag queen bingo. Lisa Loeb's birthday party had it all, a magician, a caricature artist, pink cake, DJ Conroy and a big drag queen yelling O-69! I don't think I have ever been so competitive, and although I love Justine very much I would sweat with envy seeing her tap her cards with pink ink delight. For the record I didn't win anything but I am looking for a bingo hall here in Los Angeles to sharpen my skills.   Here's me losing. Here is Lisa cheering on some winner. I think he cheated.

“Lewis Black's Root of All Evil" (Wed at 10:30pm) is a hit!   It’s Comedy Central's top-rated debut since the launch of "Chappelle's Show" in 2003! Like "South Park," it was the No. 1 show in all of television for its timeslot among men 18-34 (2.4/8). For the night, Comedy Central stood as the No. 1 cabler in men 18-24 and 18-34. The influx of young men helped lift "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" to its most-watched telecast (2.25 million) since October.  This was a great show to be a part of. I had a small but fierce art crew and it was great to be with Chris, Eric, Alison, Sketch, Devon, Mary-Eileen, Karen and so many more of the amazing Mind of Mencia crew for a couple months.This past week Comedy Central threw a premiere party at Lucky Strike in Hollywood (I missed it) and I have a new DVR

Today at two o'clock Kay will walk through the front door of her house after four months of being on tour with Hannah Montana. Goodbye tour bus, 20,000 seat arenas, screaming teenagers, stage makeup, skateboarding backstage, per diems and fancy hotel rooms. Hello suburbs, parent teacher conferences and (I'm sure) the skateboard. Welcome home, we missed you. 


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There are some (many) stereotypes about Los Angeles that are true. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and defend LA the same way I used to defend New York City to anyone who tried to talk shit (pre Giuliani), but a stereotype is a stereotype. This week "people can't drive in Los Angeles in the rain" holds true. Traffic, accidents and 15 miles per hour describe this week, and yeah, it's been raining every day for a week now, but why does rain make the freeway traffic STOP?! OK, now you can tell me about bagels and pizza.