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This week I finish shooting with Ike so we can pitch the show in November... ...pitch Kara to two very cool networks... ...and go to New York City for the first time in a year for work and vacation. More on what the "work" is when it comes together.

Here is a webisode from an online series I art directed (with the amazing Bianca, Rock and Lindsey) for Harry Shearer. There is a bunch of great content over at My Damn Channel and soon there will be webisodes created by yours truly. More on that as it comes together, so, in the meantime enjoy "No Cooler For The Scooter" and see what we pulled together for $800 bucks. Somehow we made a real neon sign and photoshopped it on a picture of a bunker, a cabaret set, a fake rubber hand, a half broken heart monitor and me pulling a chair with fishing line look almost as good as Harry's Dick Cheney makeup!

Tomorrow I have to drive down to San Marcos (fire central to be exact) to finish up filming with Ike. Of course all of Southern California is on fire, but I can't let that stop me...we have to finish this project. Pitching in November. Looking at the traffic situation online is insane, dead center in this cluster of red is exactly where I will be.

Campaign headquarters in front of Home Depot. The kid is healthy, his mom is 320 pounds. I know where my Halloween costume is coming from!

Merv Griffin's parking spot is still there, and here is a new one-freshly painted today.

Just found out that Mind Of Mencia, which I've art directed for 3 seasons, was renewed.

Never mind Halloween, this is the kind of thing you see year round on the prop masters cart!

Got a last minute call yesterday afternoon to art direct a birthing room for a sketch comedy show on Fox. We set this up in a conference room in the show's office in a couple hours. They shot it this morning, it was struck and returned, in less than a day. I'll post when and where it is going to air.

I am Art Directing a show on the Tribune lot in Hollywood. This is a picture of where Merv Griffin used to park-the best one, closest to the door. Merv has been gone for a few weeks now but the space remains. Hollywood lots are unforgiving and usually these concrete blocks are painted over seconds after someone leaves or gets fired...but Merv's remains. I wonder how many executives are secretly campaigning for this spot and how long before someone with a roller and some white paint is stenciling R. Seacrest over Merv's name?