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I finally got my Vimeo page up and running, and the Sixteen Blue Productions Vimeo page is linked there too. I put the Ike Turner, Kara Dioguardi, Celebrity game show and Shut Up Stella presentations up last night and will add a bunch more later. There have been so many interesting meetings, pitches and inquiries about these projects in the past few days that having them here to easily view is better than sending a dvd. The stories behind these videos are unreal. I need to write about the blood, sweat, tears and kidney stones that go into trying to sell a project.


Yesterday was Ike's funeral. His band rocked to 'Proud Mary' and 'River Deep Mountain High', hundreds jumped around, danced, cried and partied. Little Richard told hilarious stories and had hair unlike anything I have ever seen! Ike's family and many wives spoke about the crazy times. Phil Spector spoke honestly and blamed "sell-out" Oprah and Whoopi for promoting the "poorly written" book by Tina which eventually became the movie. Justine and I were five rows back from the craziness on stage, which was very much like one of those crazy Jesus loving, jumping up and down praise god our savior ministry tv shows on Sunday morning! Here are two crappy pics from my cell phone.  The church was playing an Ike tribute on their plasmas in the lobby.   Phil Spector sticks it to Tina, Oprah and Whoopi! 

It has been an unreal week. As many of you know we had been shooting and developing a reality show for Ike, and now those boxes of tapes have taken on such a different meaning.  So, this week we have just continued to shoot.   Today was Ike's viewing. I drove down to Crenshaw Boulevard, walked into the funeral home and passed the giant security guard. When I entered the room the lights were dim, the room was empty, "I Idolize You" was playing on the speakers and there was Ike in an open casket, surrounded by flowers, with two great pictures and a gold guitar on a stand. Again, I was the ONLY person in the room. I sat down and thought about how crazy our shoots were together, all the bullshit that has been written in the media and how it was way too early for Ike to go and that it


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It was a typical day for me. Yesterday I wrapped both my Comedy Central shows and last night I got an email from Ike's sister in law Arlene that said "He's baaaack!" That was an exciting thing to read because the last month has been really tough for all of us in Camp Ike. After a frustrating few months of shooting and developing on and off it seemed like we were back in business! The last few weeks have been really hard for Ike and for all of us. I've only known the guy for 6 months and I have witnessed the highest highs and the deepest lows I could ever imagine for a human being. There are things we filmed, discussions we had both on and off camera that really helped me understand the man, his pain and his desperate attempt to reclaim his legacy and not be known

This week I finish shooting with Ike so we can pitch the show in November... ...pitch Kara to two very cool networks... ...and go to New York City for the first time in a year for work and vacation. More on what the "work" is when it comes together.

Tomorrow I have to drive down to San Marcos (fire central to be exact) to finish up filming with Ike. Of course all of Southern California is on fire, but I can't let that stop me...we have to finish this project. Pitching in November. Looking at the traffic situation online is insane, dead center in this cluster of red is exactly where I will be.

I have been developing a reality show about a rock legend. Keeping up with him and being in his life is a daily test of my endurance and safety. However, even legends get hungry! More on this show as it continues to unfold.