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When the art department had to do a parody set of 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader' I was tempted to call my friend Barry Poznick, who created and Executive Produces the show, to get a tour of the stage and steal some ideas. Instead I chose to just watch the show and do the sketch below. Again, we (Bianca, Josh and Shane) pulled this one together in a day and had to set it up and strike it in front of the studio audience while Robert Morton looked at his watch.

I just looked at the buttons above and realized that they feature TWO cancelled shows. Mind Of Mencia and Chocolate News were cancelled, as well as Root Of All Evil. These were three Comedy Central shows I art directed and now is the first time since 2005 that I am 100 percent Comedy Central free!  Once I get the logos for the TWO shows I am doing right now I will ask Tea to switch them out.

I am working on a show right now and we are loading into a huge warehouse space in Downtown Los Angeles. Julie and I are standing in the corner, over there is a group of new Production Assistants talking about how easy it would be to work in Art Department. One of them just said "it's such an easy job, they just give you money to shop". Of course  I wanted to jump across the room and shake him- then I had to remember that the poor kid was new, probably his first job in tv. I should ask him if he wants to work with us for a few days, he would probably cry, pack his bags and move back to Kansas. With that here is a another Mind Of Mencia before and after. This set involved custom made puppets, a talking Bono on a brick wall, a place for 3

Here is an example of a live studio audience piece we did for one of the last episodes of Mind Of Mencia. The script called for a crack alley that will play in front of the live audience during the taping. The art department got the script a few days before the shoot, and in the middle of two other field shoots, pre-tapes and cold open set construction this is what we came up with. First I drew the sketch, then Bianca Ferro waved her set decorator magic wand and found all the pieces and had the major pieces built and painted, Josh and Shane brought it to life building the telephone poles and Ron found some scary realistic drug props (hmmm, how did he find them). Here is what it looked like at show time. What makes these sets difficult is they all have to be mobile and be set up

Just found out that Mind Of Mencia, which I've art directed for 3 seasons, was renewed.