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I don't watch American Idol, but it doesn't mean I am not aware of what goes on over there. First of all my friend Kara DioGuardi is one of the judges and Mike and Conroy swear by the show, so I am usually pretty up to date. Last night at dinner we talked about the newest contestant, Joanna Pacitti, and the controversy that is surrounding her this season. Joanna was recently dropped by her record label (just being signed to anything put her light years ahead of the sad losers that pass for singers on that show) and she also got dropped 10 years ago by a bunch of Broadway producers! That reminded me that Chris and I did a bit about Joanna on our old public access show. Enjoy this clip (click on the picture) which took over 10 years to sort-of be relevant again. After watching that again after 11 years

I just looked at last minute, impulsive-waste of money-do I really need to fly to Boston for the weekend-it is fucking cold there-it is warm here-I see these people every day here in Los Angeles do I really need to fly to the east coast to see their show, plane tickets on The price, $325.00 each way from Burbank to Boston. So, I am not going, and yes it was impulsive and I also have a ton of work to do here in LA, but it would have been fun to see the amazing Figgs, American Hi-Fi , Letters to Cleo and Billy Janovitz. Mike, Kay and the kids ae leaving tomorrow morning and I guess I am just a bit jealous and wanting to get out of town for a minute before my next show starts on Monday. Instead I will stare at this poster and marvel at the guitar

The little girl you hear singing on this free MP3 download is Valentina Santiago, my 6 year old friend. I saw Valentina in the Nutcracker last month, played Santa at her house a few days ago and have known her way before she knew how to sing. (Back to the Santa thing for a second-Valentina's parents, Joey and Linda had a Xmas eve party this year and I showed up to play Santa. Everything was going great for the 60 seconds I was there until Valentina decided to start screaming "it's Gaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyy" and then all 15 kids figured it out and I ran out the door.) Valentina's dad is my friend Joey Santiago...the guitarist from the Pixies. His new band, with David Lovering (drummer in Pixies) is called Everybody. The music is incredible, but I'm not sure when you'll get to hear it. In the meantime if you give them your

In an alternate universe this is the record of the year with 2 million copies sold. Listening to this I imagine walking around New York City on a cold winter night. What a year for Juliana, releasing a heartbreaking grown up record and a brutally honest memoir. Fuck the Grammy picks, John and Blake are the future of music. This band is so good I feel drunk just putting this record on. I can't stop listening to these on the iTunes and on my iPhone. More of my favorite records of 2008 later this week.

Today at two o'clock Kay will walk through the front door of her house after four months of being on tour with Hannah Montana. Goodbye tour bus, 20,000 seat arenas, screaming teenagers, stage makeup, skateboarding backstage, per diems and fancy hotel rooms. Hello suburbs, parent teacher conferences and (I'm sure) the skateboard. Welcome home, we missed you. 

It has been an unreal week. As many of you know we had been shooting and developing a reality show for Ike, and now those boxes of tapes have taken on such a different meaning.  So, this week we have just continued to shoot.   Today was Ike's viewing. I drove down to Crenshaw Boulevard, walked into the funeral home and passed the giant security guard. When I entered the room the lights were dim, the room was empty, "I Idolize You" was playing on the speakers and there was Ike in an open casket, surrounded by flowers, with two great pictures and a gold guitar on a stand. Again, I was the ONLY person in the room. I sat down and thought about how crazy our shoots were together, all the bullshit that has been written in the media and how it was way too early for Ike to go and that it

My friend Lisa Loeb was the surprise walk on guest at the New Found Glory show in New York yesterday. I don't know much (ok nothing) about New Found Glory, but now I know that they do a rocking cover of Lisa's song 'Stay'.