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I just looked at the buttons above and realized that they feature TWO cancelled shows. Mind Of Mencia and Chocolate News were cancelled, as well as Root Of All Evil. These were three Comedy Central shows I art directed and now is the first time since 2005 that I am 100 percent Comedy Central free!  Once I get the logos for the TWO shows I am doing right now I will ask Tea to switch them out.

I don't know if you knew it or not but before KISS took their makeup off in the 80's they were actually four black guys under costumes and greasepaint! This was such a fun sketch to Production Design. The script called for a super run down front yard, a 70's era dressing room for black KISS and to build a concert stage to match the original Gene Simmons concert footage. Of course we had to tweak the look of the KISS logo because, even though Comedy Central was OK with claiming KISS was a bunch of black guys before removing their makeup in the 80's, using the real logo is a no-no. Click here to watch KISS My Ass Josh, Shane, Dalton and Nandor built the tank and canon to match the KISS stage in the 70's and the KISS lights in the background are the lights from the 'Black Daddy' sketch, just

Here are a few stills from a sketch we did on Chocolate News for the Fat Man character. This time Fat Man got his own sitcom on Nickelodeon called "Bitch You Betta Don't", sort of a Honeymooners meets King of Queens...except for the half naked dancers. We had a limited budget and time frame to design, build, dress and prop this shoot but I think it came out perfectly. Julie Drach, the set decorator, was able to find the saddest run down inner city apartment dressing and Josh Green added such great details. At the end of the night Josh Ritcher & Shane Passantino wrapped the downstage side of the set with plastic and Fat Man had a foam party! All in a days work. The foam party courtesy of Tom Bry!

Last December we did this pilot for Comedy Central, started shooting the series this summer and now it is airing and is getting great ratings. For this I am happy, the show is really funny, everyone on the show is great to work with, David Alan Grier is a genius and the entire art department is the most talented group of people I have ever met. Two thirds of the Chocolate News art department Candleabra competing in a tranny pageant 'Maya' recites poetry for Obama and McCain Next Wednesday we are shooting a 'day after the election' show that will air that night on Comedy Central, or you can check out clips and other random madness at

The other show I wrapped this week was The Chocolate News. TCN is a pilot for Comedy Central and was created, written and stars the brilliant David Alan Grier (you remember him from In Living Color). The show is a spoof of news magazine shows like 20/20 and Primetime Live but with a very black point of view. We shot thirty seven scenes in three days, those of you in the business know that's pretty insane, but DAG is so much fun to be around we barely noticed the hectic pace. Here are some pictures I took on set.    Troy is only 10 years old so we built him a nice bedroom... but don't make little Troy mad...    because he will kick the shit out of your set... Here Josh and Shane model the special couch they made... and here it is in use...    And finally, meet Phat Man, he was kind enough to perform for