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I love acupuncture-it helps with so many ailments, emotions, aches and pains. I also love Los Angeles because we are always first to try anything that will make you feel your best. That's why I think this new acupuncturist in my neighborhood will make a killing. There are so many losers that will benefit from curing ailment #3. If it really works we may soon see freeway drivers using blinkers, people putting their cell phones down on the checkout line and Ed Hardy stores going out of business.

I hate things, I really do. Here is one. When I lived in New York City I didn't pay much attention to cars. Didn't own one, didn't care. Now, after 5 years in Los Angeles, I know that there are things I really hate about cars. I really don't mind drivers, I drive a lot, love my car, and actually find most drivers in LA to be courteous, even when they are making illegal u-turns in 6 lanes of traffic. What really bugs me about cars, and it's not even the fault of the car, is the sticker of the each member of the family in the rear window. I have seen two mommies and a child, two dads and a kid and of course, it being So Cal many Mexican families with Papa and Mama and 9 kids. These stickers are even more annoying than the Calvin and