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In addition to Production Designing a Comedy Central pilot, a Bravo series, a Spike pilot and a webisode series for over the past couple months I pitched and got a deal to shoot a pilot about my art department. We wrapped this past weekend and it was an amazing and emotional experience. Here is my art team on the back of Anthony's truck. I love these people, they are my family. The pilot would not have happened without the amazing crew below, so of course we invited them on the truck. Then in typical art department fashion we immediately kicked them off...

Here is something the art department had to pull together in a minute. It ended up being the title card in the entire first season of The League on FX. So there, that's how that came together!


I think this was the last episode of Mind Of Mencia before it went off the air. As usual we have a day and no money. I remember going in to Nikki Kessler's office (she held the purse strings) and begging for some cash to pull this one off. Why not, it was out last episode and if the script is asking for the front porch of an old black man down south, and it has to roll out during act 3 in front of the audience, there is only one way to go...and that is all the way. Actually now that I look at the script it tells me nothing. This lack of information from the writers room never stopped the art department before. Set decorator Bianca Ferro and I put out heads together and and came up with an idea that could come together quickly and give lighting, the director, the

I found some drawings I did probably 23 years ago when I was obsessed with teaching myself how to draw. I was really into the detail of trying to copy a photograph down to the pore, the hair and eyelash. How would I keep myself interested in a drawing that would take a few days to complete? My solution to fight attention deficit disorder was to draw babes- especially rock star babes or movie star babes! Comparing my drawing to a picture and trying to make it perfect was a way to know if I was doing it right. I spent thousands of hours as a kid going through pads, illustration board and paper my dad brought home from work drawing rock star babes. Of course as I got older, and eventually went to art school in New York, I got away from copying someone else's photograph to draw a portrait because

Click the screen grab to check out Justine's new awesome website. The wife is doing so well that maybe I can retire. What do you think, should I retire?  

When the art department had to do a parody set of 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader' I was tempted to call my friend Barry Poznick, who created and Executive Produces the show, to get a tour of the stage and steal some ideas. Instead I chose to just watch the show and do the sketch below. Again, we (Bianca, Josh and Shane) pulled this one together in a day and had to set it up and strike it in front of the studio audience while Robert Morton looked at his watch.

See ya, Snoop and company. To say it was off the shizzle would be the understatement of the decade.

At what point do wedding pictures, slideshows and videos get old? Never. Justine and I finally got our pictures from our genius wedding photographer Greg Gibson. Here is an incredible slideshow he put together for us. We watched it and drank red wine. You should do the same.