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We needed a sewer set for an episode of Workaholics last season because we couldn't (wouldn't) shoot in a real one. To make matters messier, the set had to flood on camera! Easier said (written) than done. A ton of conversations took place about what the sewer water will consist of. We couldn't use anything illegal to drain in Los Angeles County, nor could we use anything that could harm the actors. So, other than the real thing, the only option is brown tinted water, oatmeal and other food items. Yes, chocolate muffins work great. Here are some sketches, renderings and pictures from the day of the shoot. This was a killer team effort by the Workaholics art department and to this day people think we shot in an actual sewer. Enjoy your lunch. Season 3 of Workaholics premieres on Comedy Central May 2012

On last nights episode of Workaholics the art department did what we do best...make the guys house look like a massive party disaster. Here are some detail shots of set dressing you may have missed during the epic steadicam opening shot. You know it's a fun set up when a lot of the art department rush to video village and shoot the rehearsals.  

On last night's Workaholics we witnessed the kidnapping and death of our beloved dragon. As with everything in the art department nothing is easy, including how the dragon came into our lives. The writers needed to decide what they wanted, the guys needed to approve sketches and the network had to give us the money to make it. We couldn't rent or buy a dragon. Legally we couldn't cut the head off of anything that had a copyright (i.e. Barney) nor could we afford to pay a massive loss & damage fee after we destroyed a rental. The dragon had to be designed and made from scratch. A one shot deal that could be carried around, look heavy, friendly enough for kids but bad-ass enough that the guys would want to steal it. It also had to be made of a material that a chainsaw could easily cut through. Finally, we could

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If you're a fan of Workaholics you'll notice that the sets are filled with details. Our Director Kyle Newacheck (Karl) and the guys really encourage us to go for it with the little things in the background, most of which you will never see on camera. These small pieces of set dressing are important to create a vibe both on set, on camera and for those of you that notice. The process is a little bit of a nightmare. We need permission to use any art or logos and need to use dressing that doesn't have copyright restrictions that will get us (me) sued. Here are some close ups of areas in the house that the art department made look perfectly messy. Let me know if there are any other areas you're curious about and I'll post them here! I may have to read the Ferrets For Dummies book...  

This week we are shooting the final episode of the second season of Workaholics. Friday night around 8pm we will call wrap on what has been an incredibly creative season. You name it, we built it. I can't reveal too much about what's coming up this season so I'll just post pictures from each episode the day it airs. Lucky for you the first episode airs tonight at 10:30 on Comedy Central. Here are some detail shots of what we did to the guy's house. Destroyed kitchens, destroyed ping pong tables, destroyed living rooms, destroyed front doors, ruined castle room, a signed Lisa Loeb picture for Ders (his crush) & a bizarre 3-D painting in the game room created by art department member Shane. Workaholics inspires us to bring out our inner slob. Tomorrow, after the show airs I'll post all the behind the scenes pictures from the wrecked front yard & of our special