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On last night's Workaholics we witnessed the kidnapping and death of our beloved dragon. As with everything in the art department nothing is easy, including how the dragon came into our lives. The writers needed to decide what they wanted, the guys needed to approve sketches and the network had to give us the money to make it. We couldn't rent or buy a dragon. Legally we couldn't cut the head off of anything that had a copyright (i.e. Barney) nor could we afford to pay a massive loss & damage fee after we destroyed a rental. The dragon had to be designed and made from scratch. A one shot deal that could be carried around, look heavy, friendly enough for kids but bad-ass enough that the guys would want to steal it. It also had to be made of a material that a chainsaw could easily cut through. Finally, we could

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In 2010 I Production Designed 17 shows. 17! I didn't want to, but in this business if the project feels right and it works with your schedule and you're feeling masochistic you say 'yes'. You say yes, take the job and hope the pilot will go well and in a few months you'll get a call that the network loved it and they want to go into production. Then you hope that you are available and they actually ask you to do it. There are so many variables to not get the job, the main one being that the network passed. Last year there was a lot of passing. Some green-lights but mostly passing. The budget is too small, the comedy didn't play well, the new guy at the network didn't like it, everyone loved it but they decided to pick up the other show just like it or even worse no